New Democracy takes 1.8% lead over SYRIZA as 68% fear rise of Golden Dawn, poll shows

A new opinion poll shows a rise in support for New Democracy, which has a 1.8 percent lead over main rival SYRIZA, which saw its backing drop over the last month.

The GPO poll, made public on Mega TV on Monday night, puts New Democracy on 21.3 percent, up 1 percent from last month. SYRIZA is in second on 19.5 percent, which is almost 1 percent lower than last month.

Golden Dawn is third with 10.1 percent, followed by PASOK on 6.7, Independent Greeks with 6.4, the Communist Party (KKE) with 5.8 and Democratic Left on 5 percent.

Almost 68 percent of respondents said they felt the rise of far right Golden Dawn, which increased its support by 1.1 percent over the last month, was a threat to democracy.

Of those, 53 percent said the best way to confront Golden Dawn was through a political or ideological confrontation. Just over 41 percent said that legislative changes were a better way to tackle the neoNazi party.

Opinion was split on whether the country needs a new anti-racism law, with 50.2 percent saying it does and 44.4 percent saying it does not.