Army officer arrested for illegal weapons possession

A Greek Army officer was arrested on Friday and will face a military prosecutor after counter-terrorism officers found him to be in possession of a number of illegal weapons, as well as pamphlets and paraphernalia suggesting that he is an admirer of the Greek military dictatorship of 1967-1974 and may have links to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

A raid on his home and at the barracks where he served in the infantry in the region of Magnesia in central Greece uncovered a Czech 9 millimeter pistol, a semi-automatic Bayard pistol, two hunting rifles (whose licenses had expired), ammunition, a Tazer stun-gun, knives and three bayonets.

Counter-terrorism officers also found CDs, posters, pamphlets and commemorative items such as a towel and a baseball cap featuring the logo of Golden Dawn and references to April 21, marking the day of the 1967 coup.