Minister says confident multi-bill will pass despite objections

After it emerged on Thursday that as many as three coalition lawmakers were considering opposing a multi-bill containing the reforms agreed between the government and the troika, Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai on Fiday that he was confident the legislation would pass into law.

“There is no way the agreement won’t pass through Parliament,” Georgiadis said.

The minister added that it would be “ridiculous” if the stability of the coalition government is undermined over a dispute regarding the definition of fresh milk. He was referring to a controversial provision in the bill which ends the five-day shelf-life limit on fresh milk and which three MPs have argued will not bring down prices, as the troika argues, but undermine Greek dairy producers.

Georgiadis said he did not believe that MPs would put the government, and country, at risk over such a minor issue when much tougher austerity measures have been approved in the past. “It would be contradictory and incongruous for all the previous measures to have passed and for us to stop now,” he said.