Celebrity sued over site snap

The Culture Ministry has sued television celebrity and would-be mayor of Marathonas Ilias Psinakis for illegally posing for photographs on a little-known archaeological site in his constituency in northeastern Attica in an apparent bid to whip up some interest in his campaign.

The Second Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities sued the 56-year-old after photos were posted of him on the Internet posing in front of a statue on the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods in Brexiza.

The ephorate said Psinakis had not applied for a license for the shoot. Psinakis retorted that the ministry had “overreacted” but had served his aim of publicizing the site and its unkempt location.

“Tourists try to visit and see railings and weeds,” he said. “This wretched situation will change when I am mayor.”