New witness sheds light on GD activity

A new witness has come forward in the ongoing probe into Golden Dawn, shedding more light on the structure and violent activity of Greece’s far-right party.

In his deposition, the witness, a former candidate with the party whose name has not been made public amid concerns about his safety, told investigating magistrates that GD espoused Nazi ideology and the values of National Socialism.

“Violence was the means for Golden Dawn to achieve its objectives,” the witness, who is no longer a member of the party, told the magistrates.

The witness also confirmed reports of violent attacks by party members against foreign immigrants.

“Far from suffering any consequences [for the assaults], we were rewarded. After all, these attacks were a badge of honor,” said the witness, who said that he has been repeatedly threatened and blackmailed after he left the party.

The date of the deposition has not been made public for security reasons.