Report: ‘Greek police under orders to leave neo-Nazis alone’

A former member of Golden Dawn who will also testify in the trial of party MPs and supporters has told a US-based rights group that the police were under orders not to trouble neo-Nazis.

“Once, when four Golden Dawn members attacked two Pakistani migrants and beat them ‘really, really badly,’ he received a phone call from the police chief, who had ties to the local Golden Dawn boss and told him the case would not be investigated,” says Human Rights First in a new report.

The organization does not give details about which Golden Dawn cell the defector belonged to.

The same witness also told Human Rights First that a businessman who was a member of New Democracy provided financial support for the extremist party in 2011 in the hope that it would become a coalition partner for the conservatives.

Human Rights First describes itself as an “independent advocacy and action organization.”

The report, published on August 14, is titled “We’re not Nazis, but…The Rise of Hate Parties in Hungary and Greece and Why America Should Care.”