Brussels warns Greece over plans to allow construction near Korinos beach

The European Commission has asked for clarifications from the Greek government about its decision to allow construction on a beach in Katerini, northern Greece, despite previous warnings.

Kathimerini understands that the Commission has asked Greece for an explanation about and its decision and whether the impact this will have on wildlife has been taken into account.

According to an Environment Ministry decision in July, 400-hectare area of land near Korinos beach in Pieria will be declassified and no longer be considered a protected area despite the fact that it includes a wetland and is considered a refuge for wild animals.

In 2011, authorities began constructing roads in the area but opponents to the development forced the work to stop. Brussels also intervened, asking for clarifications on the issue from the Greek government and then instructing it to restore the damage done by the illegal construction of the roads.