Hardouvelis hears grievances of coalition MPS to unified property tax bill

Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis on Friday briefed MPs from junior coalition partner PASOK on the proposed improvements to a contentious unified property tax, known by its acronym ENFIA, and listened to amendments demanded by skeptical lawmakers.

The changes proposed by the ministry would ease the burden on thousands of taxpayers by 167 million euros, according to sources.

Other issues raised during the meeting included how unfinished structures should be taxed withe the likeliest scenario thought to be that of allowing owners to pay the levy over six monthly installments.

In comments to Skai earlier on Friday, PASOK MP and former deputy finance minister Filippos Sachinidis conceded that the original bill had included «extreme cases of over-taxation.»

After his talks with the MPs, Hardouvelis met with his predecessor and the current Bank of Greece Governor Yannis Stournaras for talks expected to focus on the large proportion of non-performing loans burdening Greek banks.

Hardouvelis was subsequently due to meet New Democracy MPs to hear their objections to the ENFIA bill.