PASOK MP Kremastinos calls for broad coalition gov’t with different PM to seek debt relief

PASOK MP Dimitris Kremastinos on Friday became the latest lawmaker to call for a broad coalition government focused on negotiating the best possible deal with Greece’s international creditors, telling Parliament that such an administration could be led by a mutually acceptable prime minister.

Only such a broad government could seek a significant extension for Greece’s loan repayments or a payment freeze, he said.

Kremastinos’ proposal followed a suggestion by independent MP, and former Democratic Left (DIMAR) party secretary Spyros Lykoudis for the formation of an emergency coalition government, comprising New Democracy and PASOK. That proposal was backed late on Thursday by independent lawmaker Vassilis Oikonomou, also formerly with DIMAR.

Syriza spokesman Panos Skourletis rejected such a prospect, telling Skai, “Such scenarios are not of concern to us.” “We believe that right now the country needs a strong government that will defend the interests of the country and extract us from the memorandum and the crisis,” he said, adding that the leftist party was @not looking for other ways to continue with the same policies.”