Second armed robbery in northern Peloponnese in one day

Just a few hours after two armed robbers stormed a post office in Aegio, in the northern Peloponnese region of Achaia, and made off with an estimated 5,000 euros in cash, a second similar holdup took place in nearby Kalavryta, police said on Tuesday.

Police said two men with their faces covered threatened staff at the post office in the neighborhood of Dafni in Kalavryta, grabbing some 4,500 euros before speeding off in a car. Their descriptions and method of operation matches that of two men who robbed a post office in Aegio earlier in the day, suggesting both robberies were carried out by the same pair.

Police have launched a large-scale manhunt in the region of Achaia, as well as in neighboring Arcadia and Corinth, setting up road blocks and patrols.