Woman arrested trying to sell her 3-day-old grandchild

In a crackdown over Christmas, police in Larissa, central Greece, arrested a 40-year-old Romanian woman who allegedly tried to sell her 3-day-old grandchild to a Greek couple. Another four people implicated in planning the exchange were also held.

The 40-year-old is alleged to have snatched the child from a Larissa maternity clinic with the help of her 43-year-old husband. A Greek man, aged 39, who allegedly agreed to buy the baby, was also detained along with two suspected mediators – both Greeks, aged 65 and 62 – and a 35-year-old Greek notary who had been on hand to draft the necessary paperwork.

By late Friday, police were still seeking the 43-year-old Romanian grandfather and the 38-year-old Greek woman who allegedly planned to buy the infant.

The baby and its 17-year-old mother remained at the maternity clinic Friday and were both said to be in good health.