New Democracy will do ‘whatever it takes’ to prevent SYRIZA win, says minister

New Democracy candidate and outgoing Health Minister Makis Voridis has insisted that his party would do “whatever it takes” to prevent SYRIZA winning the general elections on Sunday.

Speaking at a small gathering in Aspropyrgos, Voridis made reference to the 1946-49 Greek Civil War, fought by pro-government and pro-royalist forces against Communist rebels, in his opening remarks.

“Our generation will not hand over the country,” he said. “We will do whatever it takes. We will defend with our votes on Sunday what our grandfathers defended bravely with arms.”

Voridis, who joined New Democracy in 2012 after leaving ultra-nationalist LAOS, went on to give his interpretation of the key issue at stake on January 25.

“Next Sunday is a major ideological clash. It is a clash between two worlds. The clash is between the values of the homeland, religion and family, which we represent, and levelling everything, which the left represents.”