No agreement between Greece and eurozone at Eurogroup

Greece and its euro zone partners are still at odds on how to handle Athens’ finances after a bailout deal expires this month, with sources offering conflicting versions of the eventual outcome of a Eurogroup finance ministers’ meeting on Wednesday.

Two official sources told Reuters that, while there was no deal yet, a common statement was being drafted that could leave it open for Greece to extend its current financing. However, a Greek government official insisted that there could be no extension of the deeply unpopular bailout.

Several diplomatic sources said the key issue may turn out to be the phrasing of any accord, giving the new Greek government an opportunity to show voters it had ended the formal deal while maintaining a package to prevent financial chaos.

One Eurogroup source said a draft statement, which the other 18 ministers round the table hoped would be issued later on Wednesday, would show that Greece committed itself to economic reforms and to honouring its financial obligations.