Gusinsky papers on their way

MOSCOW (AP) – Russian prosecutors said yesterday they have sent more evidence to Greece to bolster an extradition request for a media tycoon accused of massive fraud and money laundering. On September 29, a Greek court gave Russia a 15-day deadline to send the documents on the request to return Vladimir Gusinsky, 51, who once controlled Russia’s influential NTV television network. Previously, a prosecutor had described the request as «unclear.» Gusinsky was arrested at Athens Airport on August 21 and released on bail a week later. He is staying at an Athens hotel. Gusinsky claims the Russian accusations are part of a politically motivated vendetta for criticism of the Kremlin. The Russian Prosecutor-General’s office said the documents sent yesterday gave details of his compensation agreement with Gazprom, Interfax news agency reported. The state-owned gas giant took over Gusinsky’s media holdings in 2001 – a move criticized as a blow to media freedom. Russia claims Gusinsky misrepresented the assets of his company Media-Most to obtain a $262 million loan from Gazprom.