50 Years Ago Today

THE GREEK ISSUE: Paris, 23 – The UN’s Special Political Committee voted by 50 to 5 (with one abstention) to approve a draft ruling submitted by Greece providing for the dissolution within two months of the special Committee for the Balkans. In addition, it also voted by 50 to 5 (with three abstentions) a draft ruling submitted by France, the USA, Great Britain, Greece and Mexico calling for the foundation of a sub-committee to monitor peace in the Balkans (…). The Committee rejected, paragraph by paragraph, a draft ruling submitted by the Soviet Union asking for a halt to US intervention in Greek affairs, for a general amnesty, the abolition of concentration camps for democrats, the abolition of the death sentences passed by courts on patriots. LAWYERS: The Greek Criminal Law Association has elected as its president Mr. Angelos Bouropoulos, Vice President Mr. N. Chorafas, General Secretary Mr. Christos Yiotis and treasurer Mr. Haralambos Triandafyllidis. PAXINOU-MINOTIS: The actress Katina Paxinou and actor Alexis Minotis left this morning with the Atlantic for America. The couple will remain in the USA until next spring, and will take part in several performances on New York television, and probably take part in a film by Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Diamantopoulou ought to clarify her proposal. Proposing the intensification of English language classes is one thing, while proposing that English be used in official documents, universities and trials is quite another. The former is, no doubt, useful and right. The latter, however, is complex, costly and unnecessary in a country whose majority is made up of Greek speakers…

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