Washington, London comment

The United States said yesterday that the jail sentences handed down to members of November 17 should be carried out in full. «We hope and expect the sentences will be fully carried out,» State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said. «I’m not trying to raise questions,» he said. «We’re just expressing our hopes and our expectations that they will be fully carried out and that nothing will intervene to prevent that.» In London, Foreign Secretary Straw said: «Justice has been done. Greece, its authorities and judicial system have demonstrated that those guilty of horrific acts of terrorism are to be brought to justice.» He added that the sentences «send out a powerful message to all terrorists and their supporters. You will be brought to justice and you will not succeed in changing or undermining our way of life, our freedoms.» Among their 23 victims, November 17’s members killed five Americans, two Turks and a Briton. (AP/AFP)