New electoral law splits big Attica zones

The Interior Ministry yesterday presented Parliament with legislation changing the electoral law. Despite initial plans to allow citizens to vote for one party while electing members of Parliament from another, opposition within the ruling PASOK watered down the changes. The law, which will not apply in the coming elections, will be more proportional and two big constituencies in the Athens region will be broken up. Any parties getting over 3 percent in elections will share 260 seats in the 300-member Parliament proportionate to their percentage of the vote. This is 87 percent proportionality, compared to the current 70 percent. The winning party will get the extra 40 seats. The Athens B constituency will be split into a northern section with 13 MPs, a western one with 14 and a southern one with 15. The «Rest of Attica» constituency will be divided into Eastern Attica, eight MPs, and Western Attica, four.