Work on metro extension to Piraeus comes to a halt


Construction work on the extension of the Athens metro from Aghia Marina to the port of Piraeus has stopped due to a legal complication over a large value-added tax payment and capital controls making it difficult for machine parts to be imported, Kathimerini understands.

The metro extension was one of the few significant construction projects progressing in Greece until recently but now just the archaeological digs are being carried out.

Due to a mistake during a change in the law last year, Attiko Metro, the company managing the project, found itself owing more than 10 million euros in VAT.

This error is due to be settled by an amendment that has been added to a bill on broadcasting permits due to be voted on by MPs soon.

However, the restrictions on money transfers abroad mean that the consortium building the 7.5-kilometer extension is having trouble ordering the parts it needs to continue its work.

Some 800 workers employed on the project have been forced to take leave.