Tsipras says bailout deal will be finalized despite obstacles


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday said a multi-billion euro bailout deal clinched with international lenders would end economic uncertainty in the country, though he said some were trying to obstruct a deal.

"Despite the obstacles that some are trying to put into our path, I'm optimistic we will get to an agreement, loan support from the European mechanism, which will put a final end to economic uncertainty," Tsipras said during a visit to the Greek infrastructure ministry in Athens.

It was the leftist leader's first comments after lenders and Greece reached a deal on Tuesday in a new bailout accord worth up to 86 billion euros. He did not specify who was attempting to scupper the accord.

Tsipras said his government would spearhead a fight against tax evasion and corruption, saying that was partly responsible for the crisis the country found itself in.