Thessaloniki police arrest suspect in deadly 2010 attack


Police in Thessaloniki have identified a 29-year-old Albanian national as the perpetrator of a violent attack on an elderly kiosk owner in the area of Kopanos, Imathia, in July 2010.
The attack left the 81-year-old man with serious injuries that led to his death 18 days after the incident.

According to police, the 29-year-old savagely beat the kiosk owner before grabbing some 1,000 euros in cash as well as several boxes of cigarettes and cell phone cards.

He then fled in a pickup truck that was driven by a 31-year-old Greek man who has confessed to his own involvement, police said.

The recent arrest of the 31-year-old on drug-related charges led to an investigation that revealed his involvement in the Imathia crime.