Five suspects detained on Hydra after murder of local taverna owner


Police have detained five people on Hydra after a local restaurateur was murdered on the island over the weekend.

Authorities said five Georgian men are in custody after a gang broke into the man’s home early Sunday and tied him and his wife up. The man, 67-year-old Manolis Economou, was tortured by his captors and found dead by his wife when she managed to free herself.

Economou owned a taverna on Hydra known as To Geitoniki. His wife said she recognized the gang speaking Russian as she and her husband often employed staff from the former Soviet Union.

The thieves are believed to have made off with jewels and a large amount of cash. Five Georgians were arrested as they boarded a sea taxi but it is believed that another two escaped with the money and jewels on another sea taxi.

Police are continuing their search for the suspects in Athens.