Opposition parties still demanding answers from Flambouraris


Opposition parties continued to seek answers from former state minister Alekos Flambouraris on Thursday, even though he insisted that the matter concerning his involvement in a construction firm that signed a public works contract in May was closed.

Flambouraris told ANT1 TV on Thursday that the documents he made public on Wednesday proved he had severed his ties to the firm as soon as he joined the government in January.

However, the speculation about whether the ex-minister followed the proper procedure continued on Thursday.

Opposition parties asked why Flambouraris had his signature on the agreement to sell his shares in the firm, Diatimis, authenticated at police headquarters in Athens.

The building is not open to the public and usually police precincts or Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP) are used for such services. New Democracy and Potami demanded further explanations from SYRIZA, which claimed that the party had come under an “orchestrated attack.”