Cypriot wins 450,000 euros in compensation for police beating


The Greek state must reportedly pay a Cypriot man some 450,000 euros in compensation for the beating he suffered at the hands of the police in Thessaloniki almost 10 years ago.

Avgustinos Demetriou was attacked by officers at the end of a rally in the northern city on November 17, 2006 to mark the 1973 student uprising against the junta.

Demetriou, a student at the time, suffered serious injuries.

Initially, police officials said he sustained the wounds when he fell and his hit head on a cement flower pot.

However, video of the attack later showed officers beating the Cypriot. Sunday’s Ethnos reported that the Council of State has ruled that Demetriou should receive 300,000 euros plus interest in compensation, taking the total to about 450,000 euros.

The country’s highest administrative court ruled that the attack was “inexcusable” and an “abuse of power.”