Theodorakis would run for helm of new reformist alliance


Stavros Theodorakis would be open to running against PASOK chief Fofi Gennimata for the leadership of a new reformist party elected from base supporters, the leader of To Potami centrists said.

“I have been too brave in my life so far to be intimidated by a proposal for an election by the base,” Theodorakis said in an interview with Sunday’s Kathimerini, adding that his intentions will be made public at the party’s congress starting February 26.

Asked about the possibility of snap elections, Theodorakis, whose party is currently polling below the 3 percent threshold for Parliament, said that an early vote would leave the Greek economy irreparably damaged.

“[Prime Minister Alexis] Tsipras in August pledged to implement a deal. Should he tell our partners that we are holding yet another election, many of them will say ‘enough is enough’,” he said.