New Democracy ahead of SYRIZA in new survey


A new opinion poll published on Thursday showed New Democracy ahead of ruling  SYRIZA by 3.3 percent. According to the MRB survey, the conservative party stood at 26.9 percent against 23.2 percent for leftist SYRIZA.

The poll showed the Greek Communist Party (KKE) in third place with 6.6 percent, followed by ultranationalist Golden Dawn (6.5 percent), the PASOK-Democratic Left coalition (5.7 percent), the Union of Centrists (4.1 percent), minority coalition partner Independent Greeks (3 percent), To Potami (2.6 percent), Popular Unity (2.4 percent) and ANTARSYA (1.9 percent).

Two thousand respondents from around Greece were interviewed in the survey, MRB said.