Refugees at border should move to camps, says minister


Greece’s public order minister says refugees living in a squalid camp at the country's border with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) must accept that the border is shut and move to organized facilities.

Nikos Toskas says the country can provide better conditions in other camps within 10-20 kilometers (6-12 miles) of the Idomeni crossing, where up to 14,000 people live in a waterlogged tent city.

Toskas told state ERT TV Wednesday that Greece can offer “no serious support” to such a large number of people gathered in one spot.

He said authorities will hand out fliers telling refugees seeking to reach central Europe that “there is no hope of you continuing north, therefore come to the camps where we can provide assistance.”

More than 36,000 transient refugees and migrants are stuck in financially struggling Greece.