Journalists’ union rapped for targeting reporters


Opposition parties slammed the Athens Journalists’ Union (ESIEA) Wednesday after its disciplinary panel decided to suspend the membership of several journalists that it accused of biased coverage before the July 5 vote.

Seven television journalists from Skai, Mega and ANT1 were punished by ESIEA, with suspensions ranging from six to 18 months. New Democracy, PASOK and To Potami officials criticized the decision.

“When journalists are silenced, democracy is in danger,” said New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“The journalists’ union is trying to manipulate its members and is handing out penalties to those who expressed views that are different to the union’s current majority,” said Potami spokesman Dimitris Tsiodras, referring to the fact that only journalists who appeared to support the “Yes” vote were disciplined.

“I hope this issue is taken before the courts immediately, even the European Court of Human Rights if needed,” said PASOK MP Evangelos Venizelos.