Brothers to face magistrate over 2021 murder of journalist

The two brothers aged 48 and 40 who were arrested on Friday for the murder of journalist Giorgos Karaivaz two years ago outside his house in the southern suburb of Alimos will testify before an investigating magistrate on Wednesday.

Google Doodle marks Labor Day

On May 1, as workers in many parts of the world enjoy a day off, Google’s latest Doodle celebrates the history of Labor Day, also known as International Workers’ Day.

Interviews and press releases

Greek politicians, of all ideological stripes, are spoiled. In fact, we have spoiled them. Especially now that we have a tough election ahead of us, they sometimes forget what work they do and what work we do.

Skertsos appointed government spokesperson

The prime minister’s office officially announced on Friday the appointment of State Minister Akis Skertsos as government spokesman. Skertsos is replacing government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou, who is a candidate in the May 21 elections.

From my trusted Olivetti to ChatGPT

I first saw a computer in 1972, in Karlsruhe. My daughter showed it to me at the German university where she was studying. It was a bulky thing; meant for shared use. I struggled to match her enthusiasm for all the wonderful things this contraption could do.

Trials in secret

Commenting last week on the nondisclosure of the name of the private school where six students tied up a classmate with fishing line and the frenzy concerning personal data in Greece, I wrote that “soon, the news will say, ‘Somewhere, some people tied someone up with fishing line.’”

Special Court: SYRIZA planned to control media

There was a plan by the SYRIZA-led government to acquire and control media, according to the multi-page reasoning of the Special Court, published on Monday, that led to the conviction of ex-minister Nikos Pappas to two years in prison over his handling of a 2016 TV license tender.