Constantopoulou pledges to fight for Greek debt forgiveness, WWII war reparations


Former parliamentary speaker Zoe Constantopoulou has announced that the new party she will lead is called Sailing for Freedom, whose dual purpose will be to fight for Greek debt forgiveness and seek war reparations from Germany, which has lent Greece the most money.

The new anti-austerity party, whose symbol is a sailing ship, will be officially launched on Tuesday at the Hytirio theater in Athens.

“We commence our collective struggle to liberate our people and country from the bailout shackles,” the party said in a press release Friday, vowing to fight a two-pronged battle to write off Greece’s mountain of debt and demand reparations from Germany for the Nazi occupation of Greece during WWII.

The statement went on to further say that Sailing for Freedom will not be “a party of executives that recycles public figures.” Instead, it said, it will pursue transparency and direct democratic procedures through the use of the Internet, which will be a key tool used to convey the new party’s positions.

Constantopoulou left SYRIZA in protest against the government’s signing of another Greek bailout and backed the Popular Unity splinter party in the country’s previous general election.