Unsuitable working conditions

In the suburb of Ilion, where the greatest damage was sustained, the researchers went door-to-door to all the businesses, which are mostly very small, often with just one person, and include clothing and footwear manufacturing, carpentry, metalworking, and car repair yards. They are spread throughout the area, in buildings that are often used for other purposes as well and so are not always obvious. The researchers found 624 businesses, of which 396 sustained damage (a few in the center and the Radiofonia area, most in Michelis, Palatiani, Bournazi and Aghios Fanourios). However, only 155 declared the damage to the authorities. The firms most affected were built along roads that followed old water courses (for example Papandreou, Flevas-Rouvikonos and Thivon avenues). The state of the buildings ranges from relatively good on the ground floors of new buildings (51.6 percent) to mediocre (40.9 percent) and completely ramshackle (6.4 percent). Working conditions range from mediocre to unsuitable. No care is taken to provide staff with the proper lighting, ventilation or security. Fumes from chlorine, glue, paint and other chemical products are the rule, as is dust from metal and wood shavings.