Clash between sports fans leads to five arrests


An Athens prosecutor on Tuesday was expected to question five men in connection with an attack on members of a rival sports club in the early hours of the day.

According to reports, a group of around 30 men on motorcycles – believed to be supporters of AEK – ambushed a car on Athens’s Attiki Odos ring road that was carrying several fans of rival Olympiakos who were on their way back from the airport after a European water polo championship game in Hungary. The assailants allegedly pulled the Olympiakos fans out of the vehicle, hit them and torched the car with a flare.

The vehicles’ passengers – their number was not specified – suffered only minor injuries and declined to be taken to hospital.

Police officers called to the scene of the attack at the Koropi toll station arrested five men, three for possession of illegal weapons and two for civil disobedience.