Albanian officials call for inquiry into convict’s death at Athens police station


The death of an Albanian national at an Athens police station earlier in the month is threatening to put a strain on bilateral relations, with Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama and President Bujar Nishani calling for a full investigation by Greek authorities after a public outcry in the neighboring country.

According to Greek police authorities, 29-year-old Pellumb Marnikolaj – who had already been sentenced to eight years in prison on robbery charges – jumped out of the window at a police station when he was told he could face additional charges for other crimes.

But relatives of the victim and media reports in Albania claim police are covering up the “torture and murder” of Marnikolaj and are demanding action from their government to ensure there is a full investigation into the case.

The Greek lawyer hired by the victim’s brother said that an autopsy report did not reveal any signs of torture. But relatives are unconvinced and are demanding a new autopsy.