Seven Turkish citizens requesting asylum in Greece


Seven Turkish citizens have reportedly approached Greek authorities in Alexandroupoli in northern Greece and also on the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes to request asylum, Kathimerini has learned.

In Alexandroupoli, a couple, both university professors, and their two children are seeking protection from alleged persecution in Turkey. They are believed to have entered the country via the northeastern border, possibly crossing Evros River by boat. According to reports, all four have Turkish passports, though only the man’s is valid.

On the island of Rhodes, authorities have yet to determine how three businessmen seeking asylum crossed into the country. Of the three, only one has a valid passport.

Both groups will be called to appear before a prosecutor and are likely to be charged with illegal entry into Greece before formally filing for asylum.

Their applications will come in the wake of a request for protection by a group of military officers in the wake of a failed coup in Turkey last month.