Greek-Russian businessman offers to buy Alpha TV, protect jobs


Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis, one of four contenders that failed to secure a TV license in a recent auction by the government, has offered to buy Alpha TV, one of the existing channels that faces closure after failing to win a license in the competition.

Savvidis made the proposal to Dimitris Kontominas, the owner of Alpha TV, but also to other channel owners who lost out in the competition, in comments to a sports program on state television on Sunday.

Savvidis, who owns Thessaloniki soccer club PAOK, said he would guarantee that all the staff at the channel he buys will keep their jobs.

He added that he aimed to seek a cooperation with one of the four winners of the four TV licenses auctioned by the government.

Noting that he had shown he was serious by bidding 61.7 million euros for a license in the auction, Savvidis said he was still serious about joining the Greek media sector.

"I am prepared to propose to any of the channels that lost in the competition, and that includes that of Mr Kontominas and Alpha TV, to sell their channel, and I guarantee that jobs will be kept." He added that he would seek "synergies" with those who secured TV licenses.