Tsipras lauds Christians and Muslims in Thrace


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Friday that the coexistence of Christians and Muslims in Thrace is cause for optimism in the face of new challenges the world is faced with.

Tsipras made his remarks during a visit with Education Minister Costas Gavroglou to a state-run music school in the town of Komotini, northeastern Greece, which is attended by students of both faiths.

“You are Christians and Muslims at this school, and this constitutes a message of optimism that our coexistence will remain creative,” he told students, adding that “this is our country and this is our identity, which has been embellished by contributions from all sides, all religions and points of view.”

The school’s director struck a similar note, vowing not to allow nationalism to rear its head in the region, saying that some people were trying to poison relations between Christians and Muslims.

“We will not permit nationalism to have a foothold in our region,” Ilias Ioannakis said.