Greek PM pays tribute to Fidel Castro


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras paid tribute to Fidel Castro as Havana held a mass eulogy for the late Cuban leader in a ceremony that underscored the polarizing influence of the late revolutionary.

“[Castro was] a global symbol of struggle and resistance whose example inspired popular struggle across the world,” Tsipras said at Havana's Revolution Square during a service commemorating “El Comandante” (The Commander).

“[We Greeks] are fighting our own struggle for justice and dignity… and in this struggle we will always have Fidel’s example before us, in our victories and in our defeats, in our conquests and our compromises,” he said.

Tens if not hundreds of thousands of Cubans, as well as leaders of Cuba's leftist allies and other developing countries, gathered for the tribute late Tuesday. Tsipras was alone among European leaders to participate in the event.