EU, UNICEF launch joint program for refugee kids


UNICEF and the European Union have launched a joint project to support more than 6000 refugee and migrant children, including unaccompanied minors, across Greece.

The initiative, which comes amid harsh weather conditions in Greece, aims to help keep refugee and migrant safe and cared for, and give them access to child protection and educational services.

“This project will address critical gaps in the response to ensure that children on the move and their families are protected, safe and can regain a sense of normality,” said Panayotis Carvounis, head of the Commission Representation in Athens.

“As they are amongst the most vulnerable and need the most urgent support, we will put a particular focus on those children who are not accompanied by an adult family member,” he said.

The 8.5 million euros project will be financed through the EU Emergency Support Instrument which allows the Commission to fund emergency operations within the EU.