Turkish foreign minister hits out at Kammenos, warns of ‘accident’ in Aegean


Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday hit out at his Greek peer Panos Kammenos after the latter flew over the islets of Imia in the Aegean, indicating that an "undesired accident" could have undesirable consequences on bilateral relations.

In comments published in Turkish daily Hurriyet, Cavusoglu accused Kammenos of "constant provocations," adding that "if there is an undesired accident, it will not be possible to correct it."

Accusing Athens of "doing provocative things for a long time," Cavusoglu added that Turkish authorities were "calm so that there is tension with our neighbor."

But Athens is using the Imia islands to "escalate tensions," he said, adding that Kammenos should be "prudent" and that Ankara knows how to respond.

Cavusoglu added that Ankara has complained several times to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras about Kammenos's behavior.

"Points of disagreement between two countries should be resolved with dialogue," he said.