IMF denies reports it demanded Greek opposition’s support for measures


The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday denied reports that it had demanded the Greek government to secure the support of the opposition in voting through measures sought by creditors to continue bailout negotiations.

The reports came in the wake of comments made at an Ecofin meeting of European finance ministers, where French Finance Minister Michel Sapin reportedly told press the IMF was seeking a commitment from the Greek opposition that it would support the government in passing measures that would apply from 2019 onward.

“Imagine them asking us in France to demand the opposition’s support on any issue,” Sapin said. “We can’t ask the Greek government to get assurances from the opposition, which it naturally does not want to see in government.”

“The IMF is not demanding any assurances from the opposition in Greece,” an official from the Washington-based fund said when asked to respond to the comments.