Anarchists trash stores on Ermou Street in solidarity with jailed woman


Self-styled anarchists smashed the facades of more than 40 shops on Ermou Street in central Athens late on Monday night following a protest against the rejection of an appeal by a 29-year-old woman against her conviction on terrorism charges.

Protesters smashed the entrances of stores along the entire length of Ermou Street as well as two bank ATMs near Monastiraki station.

Earlier in the evening, far-leftist and anarchist groups had organized a demonstration in solidarity with the 29-year-old Irianna, calling for her to be freed.  S

At one point in the rally, a group of around 150 people set fire to garbage dumpsters on Alexandras Avenue and Ippokratous Street and then pelted police at the Exarchia precinct with stones.

The upheaval then shifted to central Athens and the vandalism spree on Ermou Street.

Police briefly detained 14 people.