Gov’t spokesman says bond issue will come when Greece ‘fully prepared’


Commenting on rumors of an imminent bond issue, Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Tuesday that "Greece will access the markets when we are fully prepared."

"The country has been shut out of the markets for seven years and the goal of the program is to be able to finance our debt without the official sector," Tzanakopoulos told Skai television. 

The spokesman added that the decision to access the markets will not be taken based on advice by credit rating agencies or market experts. "We will make the decision when we deem that we are in the best place and will be taking the lowest possible risk," he said, adding that, "we want to prepare the ground for the period after the summer of 2018," referring to the expiry of Greece's third international bailout. 

"We are not interested in [accessing the markets] as a public relations stunt," he said, adding that the decision will depend on the outlook for Greek bonds.