New Athens transit cards available


Commuters in Athens can now purchase smart cards for public transport, which can be used instead of paper tickets, at sales points that have opened at 11 different metro stations. Between February and August of this year, the Athens Urban Transit Organization (OASA) recorded 5.7 million euros in revenue from sales during a trial run of the new system at the Syntagma, Elliniko and Doukissis Plakentias metro stations, as well as Athens International Airport, where the use of paper tickets has been discontinued.

After several setbacks, the changeover from paper tickets to smart cards will take place on the OASA transit system over the coming month.

More sales points for smart cards will open at other metro stations in the next few weeks. To purchase a personalized smart card, commuters need their ID card or passport, their AMKA social security number and a photograph, which can be taken at the time of purchase.

Personalized smart cards are permanent and can be topped up any time. Non-personalized cards, which do not require photos and identification are also available for multifare purchases, which include a 4.50-euro one-day unlimited pass, a three-day unlimited pass for 9 euros, or the five-day pass for 22 euros.