Police probe brutal murder of tax officer, 32, in cemetery


Police probing the violent murder of a 32-year-old tax inspector in an Athens cemetery have not ruled out the possibility of a link to one of the cases she handled, though a personal dispute is thought to be a more likely motive.

The woman, identified by local media as Theodora Zeberi, was stabbed 14 times, according to a coroner. She was found dead on Wednesday afternoon in a cemetery in Ano Patissia that she visited frequently following the death of a loved one, sources said.

A priest at the cemetery said he saw her covered in blood and crying for help shortly before she died. She is said to have dragged herself for 30 meters after the first blows but the assailant caught up with her and stabbed her again.

Employed by the Financial Crimes Squad, Zeberi had investigated possible tax evaders on the so-called Lagarde list. More recently she had been moved to a Piraeus tax office.

Police on Thursday took depositions from her colleagues and a former boyfriend.