ND accuses SYRIZA of plan to take over civil service


New Democracy is accusing ruling SYRIZA of hijacking the civil service by using a loophole in a law concerning public sector hirings to appoint officials sympathetic to the leftist party to key directorial posts and secretariats.

The conservative opposition, moreover, argues that delays by the government in implementing Law 4369, which was passed in 2016 and allows four-year appointments to be made by a minister, are intentional.

According to the shadow secretary for public administration, Leonidas Christopoulos, SYRIZA is trying to ensure that in the event it loses the next general elections, it will already have established firm control over the most important and sensitive sectors of the civil service.

Additional proof of the leftist party’s plan, says New Democracy, lies in the fact that since it came into government in 2015, the number of positions for general secretaries and special advisers have risen by 26 and 37 percent respectively.