Tsipras insists Greek ‘adventure’ will end in August 2018


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insisted on Friday that Greece’s “adventure” will be over by the end of August 2018.

“This is our aim and perhaps for the first time this is not an elusive dream, but a reality,” he said an interview with French paper Le Figaro in Paris.

Tsipras said the Greece paid a high cost during the European financial crisis and that the Greek people were forced to make huge sacrifices in the last seven years.

“A lot of mistakes were made both by Greek and European side,” he said.

Recalling the first six months of 205 when his leftist SYRIZA party came to power, he said  several people,  wanted to punish Greece.

“But we managed to avoid the worst and remain in the hard core of the Eurozone,” he said.

Tsipras had met earlier in the day for a working breakfast with French President Emmanuel Macron.