Tanker leak could infect food chain, WWF warns


The oil spill caused by the sinking of the Agia Zoni II fuel tanker three months ago off the coast of Salamina has polluted marine organisms and could pose a threat to the food chain, according to a report by conservation group WWF Hellas.

The group submitted the report to an investigating magistrate as an additional document to a legal suit it lodged with a Piraeus prosecutor a few days after the sinking.

The pollution wreaked by the oil spill, which spread more than 20 kilometers along the southern Athens coastline, will have repercussions on the fish population of the Saronic Gulf, the report said.

“We want this extremely serious instance of pollution from an oil spill to be the occasion for the protection of Greek seas from such risks,” the head of WWF Hellas, Dimitris Karavellas, said.