Snakebite victim expected to make full recovery

A herpetologist who was bitten by a horned viper in Thessaloniki was moved from intensive care into a regular ward on Saturday after being rushed to the northern port city’s Papanikolaou Hospital on March 26 with anaphylactic shock.

TAIPED issues tenders for hospital upgrade projects

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund is implementing a series of 28 tenders worth 144.2 million euro to upgrade infrastructure in 28 hospitals, 57 health centers and three medical centers around the country. 

Former Novartis executives cleared of bribery; 15 doctors charged

Four former executives of Swiss pharaceutical giant Novartis along with a former politician were cleared on Monday of charges relating to The aspect of the Novartis case that regarding allegations of bribery involving politicians and doctors has been closed following a resolution by the Council of Misdemeanor Courts. Konstantinos Frouzis, the former vice president of […]

Cyprus sets sights on the forefront of medical research

A new research center focusing on fighting cancer was inaugurated at the campus of the University of Cyprus earlier this week, aiming to bring together leading scientists working across different areas of biology and medical sciences to develop an internationally competitive program of research on cancer.

Staff shortages jeopardize healthcare on islands

Shortly before the summer season, public hospital workers are reporting significant shortages in essential medical specialties in health centers and hospitals on the Greek islands. They are calling upon the next government to prioritize the staffing of these positions.

The doctor and the country we want

The case of Thanasis Kontaris, a doctor on the island of Serifos, deserves closer attention because it represents two very difficult realities in Greece today and two huge challenges in how the country moves forward.

New cases of Covid-19 slightly up

New cases of SARS-CoV-2 rose slightly over the week of May 8-14 while cases of influenza (flu) dropped, according to the weekly report by the National Public Health Organization (EODY). Hospital admissions for coronavirus also dropped last week, dropping 23% overall compared to the weekly average for admissions during the last four weeks. In addition, […]

Routine testing key to nipping hypertension in the bud

A diet rich in salt and fat and a more sedentary lifestyle has resulted in one in 20 youngsters in Greece being diagnosed with high blood pressure, according to experts on World Hypertension Day, who call for more vigorous testing.

Pharmacists return to the lab

Due to medication shortages, more pharmacists are returning to their laboratories and offering an additional service in their pharmacies that is often overlooked: the preparation of galenic formulations.

Concern over late melanoma diagnoses

On the occasion of May being Skin Cancer and Melanoma Prevention and Awareness Month, dermatologists are expressing concern about the problems of access to health facilities for citizens during the three-year coronavirus pandemic and how this has impacted the diagnosis of melanoma.