Paid surgeries take hold, barely dent waiting lists

Government officials consider the introduction of afternoon paid surgical procedures at state hospitals a success and say the measure will eventually help shrink the huge patient waiting lists for often very serious surgeries.

Should alcoholic beverages have cancer warning labels?

Fifteen words are roiling the global alcohol industry. Beginning in 2026, containers of beer, wine and liquor sold in Ireland will be required by law to bear a label in red capital letters with two warnings: “There Is a Direct Link Between Alcohol and Fatal Cancers” and “Drinking Alcohol Causes Liver Disease.”

Remuneration of doctors at disability assessment centers

The remuneration of doctors at Disability Assessment Centers (KEPA), as well as that of the secretaries, will increase by 50% following a joint ministerial decision (KYA) signed by Labor and Social Affairs Minister Domna Michailidou and Deputy Minister Panos Tsakloglou on Monday.

Public hospital accounts lack sufficient transparency

Accountability and transparency are severely lacking in the National Health System. A study of 90 hospitals and their accounting statements from 2012-20 by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) found rudimentary reporting focused on what state subsidies are spent on and makes no mention of how supplies are used and the state and age of the inventory.

Voluntary blood donations increase in 2023

Seven in every 10 units of blood collected in Greece last year came from voluntary blood donations, the annual report from the National Blood Donation Center has shown.

How exercise strengthens your brain

Growing up in the Netherlands, Henriette van Praag had always been active, playing sports and riding her bike to school every day.

European regulators close in on Big Tobacco’s new tea sticks

In some markets, zero-tobacco heat sticks have been growing fast. In the Czech Republic and Romania, they already accounted for half of all sticks sold for BAT’s heated tobacco device in December, with the figure at 30% in Germany and 19% in Greece.

Permanent medical staff to be stationed at six archaeological sites

Medical staff providing first aid on a permanent basis and an ambulance for emergencies will be provided during the upcoming summer tourist season at six archaeological sites around the country by the contractors who will be selected via a tender of the Organization for the Management and Development of Cultural Resources (ODAP).

Islands haunted by doctor shortages ahead of summer

There are not enough doctors to treat patients at National Health System (ESY) units on the Greek islands and the situation is set to deteriorate further during the summer with the arrival of tourists.

First Zen monastery in Greece in the works

Konstantinos Sgoumpopoulos, a Zen abbot as well as shipping and real estate businessman, talks to Kathimerini about the first Zen monastery to be built in Greece and the wider region.