Chios authorities resist expansion of Vial camp

Chios authorities resist expansion of Vial camp

The battle between the Municipality of Chios and the government over the expansion of an overcrowded hot spot for refugees on the island shows no signs of abating.

Local authorities on Chios had sought an injunction against the Migration Policy Ministry’s plan to install new prefabricated huts at the island’s Vial hot spot.

The municipality’s efforts failed and the process of installing the units began on Tuesday. However, the island authorities made a new attempt to obtain an injunction to prevent the huts being set up at the camp, which currently houses almost 2,000 people, against an official capacity of 800.

Ministry sources said that the delays caused by local authorities’ resistance was hampering efforts to improve conditions at the facility. The site has been rented by the government from the local authority but the latter has recently asked for deal to be canceled because its terms are not being met.

A local court, though, ruled that there is no evidence that the contract has been breached as there is no reference to the number of migrants that can be housed there or how many container homes can be located on the site.