Opposition hits out at Tsipras for claims of no more austerity


Opposition parties hit out at the government Monday following claims by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, during a televised cabinet meeting on Monday, that his leftist-led government has not imposed additional austerity on Greeks.

Conservative New Democracy accused Tsipras of audacity for claiming that his government "has not imposed even one euro more in measures," noting that the budget for next year outlines 1.9 billion euros in new measures.

PASOK meanwhile described Tsipras as "the most obedient of bailout prime ministers," adding that his legacy would be "the looting of state assets, property foreclosures and a noose around the neck of the Greek people for decades to come."

Centrist Potami accused Tsipras of "opportunistic choices" and of bringing "a new fairy story, that the end of [foreign] supervision is ahead."

The Communist Party, for its part, observed that Tsipras's wooden rhetoric regarding "the end of the memorandums and supervision" are in sharp opposition to the reality of austerity.