Union calls on protesters to join rallies against foreclosures


The Communist Party-affiliated labor union PAME on Monday called on protesters to gather on Wednesday when auctions of properties of overindebted Greeks are to resume as MPs debate a new multi-bill aimed at speeding up the process of foreclosing on such properties. 

In a statement PAME accused the leftist-led government of "targeting the homes of working class citizens."

"Soon working class households will not only have to contend with the usurious bankers and funds who are preparing to snatch their homes through foreclosures but also with the state itself," PAME said in a statement.

The union also accused the government of piling more taxes onto low-income Greeks while offering tax breaks to corporations.

On Wednesday electronic foreclosures are to resume along with auctions at Greek courthouses where, in recent months, notaries have come under attack by protesters opposing foreclosures.

Notaries have been holding rolling strikes for months, claiming that they have fallen victim to assault for doing their job.